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Brisbane start-up reveals the city's noisiest suburbs

NoiseNet chief-executive Stuart Clough said he established the company after living in noisy properties. “As an engineer, I thought there’s got to be a better way,” he said. NoiseNet analysed 90,000 houses to determine where are the quietest and loudest areas to live in Brisbane. Mr Clough said the company used several data sets including traffic, aircraft, business directories and zoning maps and other "secret sources" to identify noise issues. NoiseNet’s recent analysed 90,000 residential properties in the Brisbane City Council area and developed a scale of 1 (quiet) to 5 (loud). The analysis revealed most of the loudest suburbs were under Brisbane Airport and Archerfield flight paths, while the quieter areas tended to be far from the city. The properties analysed were all-three bedrooms houses. In Mortgage brokers Brisbane South website here the future, NoiseNet hopes to include apartments in its noise ratings. Property valuer and analyst Suburbanite's Anna Porter said just because a property was in a 'loud' suburb didn't mean it wouldn't attract a premium price. "When you’re going into suburbs that are impacted by noise, whether it be plane, train or main roads, there has to be a trade-off," she said.

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